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How To Buy Tatcoin On ABiTrader

ABiTrader is the flagship product of the Tatcoin Ecosystem and one of the best places to buy and hold Tatcoin.

There are two ways to buy Tatcoin on ABiTrader.

The first step is to Install the ABiTrader App.

Appstore: (Download ABiTrader)

Playstore: (Download ABiTrader)

There are two options for buying Tatcoin on the ABiTrader App.

Peer To Peer

This is where you buy Tatcoin from vendors who sell Tatcoin on the App. All you need to do is:

  1. 1) Click on the Orange Buy button after opening the App and select Peer to Peer.
  2. 2) Read the guide on how to trade Peer to Peer that pops up.
  3. 3) Go through the list of Sell Orders and select the order that fits the amount that you are willing to buy and also your payment method.

You can also watch this video on how to trade Tatcoin Peer to Peer: Peer To Peer Trading (


This is where you swap your other currency for Tatcoin on the ABiTrader App.

  1. 1) You first need to navigate to the wallet section, select your currency of choice and then go through the deposit sequence.
  2. 2) Make sure to pay attention to the Minimum deposit balance on the App.
  3. 3) After you deposit,click on the Orange Buy button after opening the App and select Quickswap.
  4. 4) Use the Quickswap process specified in the App to swap your deposited currency for Tatcoin.

Understanding the Tatcoin Ecosystem

There have been a lot of questions regarding Tatcoin and the ecosystem of products that we are building at ABiT Network, that's why we created this FAQ that gives a concise overview of Tatcoin.

The questions answered in this FAQ are the ones that have been popping up when it comes to Tatcoin and we believe that it would answer all questions that you have about Tatcoin

Frequently Asked Question

What is Tatcoin?

Tatcoin is a utility token that was created by ABiT Network to serve as a transactional currency on all it's products.

The goal of the company is to leverage Blockchain technology in bringing solutions to everyday people. All of the company's products cater to market gaps across various Industries.

How can I buy Tatcoin?

Tatcoin is currently listed on Tatswap, Bidesk and PancakeSwap. You can also buy Tatcoin Peer To Peer on the ABiTrader App (

Which Wallet can be used to store Tatcoin?

Tatcoin is an ERC20 Token. Tatcoin has been added to Trust Wallet, so you can make use of it to hold your Tatcoin Also, all launched ABiT Network products have a Tatcoin wallet, so you can also store your Tatcoin in any of them. Tatcoin is also available on the Bep20 Network

Would Tatcoin be only used on ABiT Network Products?

No, We are pursuing multiple use cases for Tatcoin. We decided to lead this charge by creating an ecosystem of products that would use Tatcoin as a Transactional currency.

Tatcoin has also been added to IvendPay Network, one of the largest crypto payments processors across Africa and Europe and can now be used for Vending machine payments.

What's the difference between Bitcoin and Tatcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. It was designed to be a medium of exchange and has also evolved to become a store of value cryptocurrency wise.

Tatcoin is a Utility token. Utility tokens are created to give people access to a product or service. Our products are bringing Blockchain powered solutions to different industries and Tatcoin would be the transactional token for our network of products.

If I buy Tatcoin now, how much profit would I make after three months/ One year?

This is a popular question that we have been getting from community members. It is important to note that the value of Tatcoin cannot be pegged to a particular amount based on timelines.

Tatcoin is a utility token.

The value of a utility token greatly depends on the network of products that is backing it. This is why we are very Intentional about building products that have market demand and would solve the problems people are facing in their respective Industries.

The first way to earn from Tatcoin is to buy and Hold it for the long term. While holding it for Long Term it is best you stake it ( like fixed deposit) so that you can earn Interest on the Tatcoin you are holding. You can stake for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 56 months.

You can also stake your Tatcoin on Tatswap( and earn ABiTCoin(TXT) which is our reward token.

You would be earning an APR(Annual Percentage Rate of 1% monthly (i.e 12% in a Year) Also if you are someone who knows how to trade Cryptocurrency you can earn on exchanges liked Bidesk and Idex where Tatcoin is listed by actively trading Tatcoin.

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